DAFA Hi-tack liquid sealant

DAFA Hi-tack liquid sealant for sealing around complicated items or building elements

DAFA Hi-tack liquid sealant
DAFA Hi-tack liquid sealant

DAFA Hi-tack® liquid sealant

Used to seal around complex elements or building components where it is not possible to use tape or sealant. Can be brushed or sprayed on to the elements.


DAFA Hi-tack liquid sealantis a one-component, low viscosity sealant based on hybrid polymer technologies. It is odorless and chemically neutral and cures by reacting with moisture in the air to a form a solid, elastic, weather-proof and airtight coating with good UV resistance. Ideal for sealing small joins where movement may occur.


  • Can be applied by brushing or spraying
  • Rapid curing
  • Permanently elastic
  • Very easy to handle
  • Can be used on slightly damp surfaces
  • Easy way to seal complex small joins
  • Free of solvents
  • Free of isocyanates and silicone

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