DAFA Building Solutions A/S

DAFA Building Solutions A/S

Products and systems that seal and make buildings long-lasting and more sustainable - both for renewal and new constructions.

DAFA Building Solutions applies in the areas of:

Bæredygtigt byggeri

Sustainable construction

At DAFA Building Solutions, we always base our innovation efforts on the construction requirements of the future. This involves developing construction solutions that optimize energy efficiency in all types of structures.

New times toughen requirements for modern constructions - as a professional partner to the construction industry, we make it easier to build correctly and sustainably.


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+80 years of experience in the construction industry

Products approved for environmentally friendly constructions

Production in four countries – Denmark, China, Poland, and Italy

Tested, documented and guaranteed

DAFA's products and systems have been tested and approved via external test institutes. In addition, we conduct tests in our climate chamber. Our test center enables us to conduct aging tests, where the products are exposed to strong climatic influences from heat, cold, UV light, and humidity.


Testing and validation