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About DAFA Building Solutions

Counseling makes collaboration more valuable

Competences to help all parties
- in all phases of construction


DAFA Building Solutions is a solution-oriented partner for everyone: dealers, craftsmen, designers, and builders. We are continually working to increase our competence, which is also part of the collaboration - from serious advice on choosing solutions to guidance on installation on the construction site.


This is all built upon years of theoretical and practical experience combined with the newest knowledge of construction. More specifically, this means that DAFA Building Solutions offers more than just strong products – namely: 


  • Thorough and complete information about products
  • Products with a focus on more sustainable constructions
  • Design advice – both through the website and in the form of personal contact
  • Design instructions – architect descriptions, construction details, methods, and material selection
  • Training in the form of seminars on the construction site, workshop, or design studio
  • Attractive warranty schemes as the products are tested, documented, and warranted