Customer-specific innovation

– finds solution to demanding sealing task for leading home module manufacturer

Lindbacks Modulbyggeri

Lindbäcks – one of the largest home module manufacturers in the Nordic region – sought an effective seal for their building modules.

The solution had to be airtight, flame-retardant, waterproof, and sound absorbent – four properties in one product.

Due to the multifunctionality requirements for the material, Lindbäcks had been unable to find a supplier before contacting DAFA. We assembled a team of experts to develop a customer-specific solution that could meet the many requirements.

We started by developing and testing a prototype with properties that matched the requirements. In close cooperation, we continued development to arrive at a final solution that could be put into mass production and delivered to the customer.

Once product development was complete, we were ready to deliver the highly effective solution, which performs many tasks at once. The solution helps to reduce the time it takes to assemble various components, which otherwise required multiple workflows. This created great value for Lindbäcks optimization in production.

Sealing solution for building modules
Sealing solution for building modules
Sealing solution for building modules