DAFA ExFoil vapor barrier

Makes it easy to build sealed structures, sustainably

Exfoil Montage

When the developer of a low-energy building came to us seeking an extra strong and flexible vapor barrier, we showed them DAFA ExFoil – a vapor barrier that is not only easy to install, but is also much stronger than traditional PE foil due to its reinforcing mesh.

In addition to the foil’s easy handling and markings, DAFA ExFoil makes it easier for tradesman to install correctly in terms of the construction requirements regarding airtightness.

With 30 years of experience in the sale of building materials, the distributor who recommended that the developer use our solutions considers DAFA ExFoil vapor barrier to be a superior product in its category.

The simplicity of installation was highlighted, making it easier to build a more airtight building with no drafts. The tradesman will also find it much easier to install the vapor barrier correctly the first time.

DAFA ExFoil vapor barrier
DAFA ExFoil vapor barrier
DAFA ExFoil vapor barrier
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