Sealing strips and foam tapes

DAFA’s sealing strips and foam tapes can be used in various sealing applications

Sealing strips and foam tapes
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Used for sealing, dampening or protection in a wide range of applications

DAFA’s sealing strips and foam tapes can be used in various sealing applications. Our flexible, self-adhesive sealing strips are also used where there is a need to dampen vibrations and smooth out tolerances.

Single-sided adhesive sealing strips

DAFA’s single-sided adhesive sealing strips are produced in a variety of materials, such as cellular rubber, solid rubber, PVC, PUR, or PE.

The sealing strips are made with an acrylic or rubber-based installation adhesive on one side, and can be supplied sliced in rolls or coils.

Sealing strips are used in a wide variety of applications, within construction and industry, for sealing, dampening, or protecting.


Double-sided adhesive foam strips and tapes

DAFA’s double-sided adhesive foam strips consist of closed-cell material. The foam substrate consists of either PVC, PUR, or PE with various densities. Depending on the type, foam strips are supplied with an acrylic or rubber-based adhesive. Tapes with acrylic-based adhesive are often used for outdoor applications.


  • Withstand high temperatures
  • High tack and peel values for good adhesion
  • Good adaptability, even on rough surfaces


  • Typically as sliced strips on rolls, but also as die-cut components.


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