DAFA Kron sealing strips

Adhesive glass tape, specially made for the installation of sealed glazing units.

DAFA Kron sealing strips
DAFA Kron sealing strips
DAFA Kron sealing strips

DAFA Kron sealing strips

DAFA Kron strips ensure a watertight and airtight seal between the sash and glass. DAFA Kron is self-adhesive on one side.

The adhesive has reinforcing mesh made of fiberglass threads, which prevent the strip from stretching during installation. DAFA Kron can be used both indoors and outdoors. The glass tape is available in many sizes, and in the standard color black.

DAFA Kron strips 4 × 9 mm, 4 × 10 mm and 5 × 10 mm may be used WITHOUT top sealing. Other dimensions must be top-sealed.


DAFA Kron sealing strips are made of EPDM sponge rubber with closed cells


  • DAFA Kron sealing strips is included in the Nordic Ecolabellings database of construction products that can be used in Swan-labelled buildings.
  • Strong surface
  • Good UV resistance
  • Heat insulating and sound and vibration dampening
  • Approved for sealed glazing units
  • Easy to fit
  • Good sealing against abutting surfaces
  • Long lifetime
  • Economical to use

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