DAFA butyl tape HQB2

Alternative to sealant

DAFA butyl tape HQB2
DAFA butyl tape HQB2

DAFA butyl tape HQB2

An alternative to sealant

DAFA butyl tape type HQB2 is used for bonding and sealing joints on PE vapor barriers, roofing underlays, wind barriers, and facade panels.

HQB2 butyl tape has many applications where joints must be sealed to prevent air and water infiltration. HQB2 is cost-effective, non-toxic, requires no tools to apply, and is simple and easy to use.


HQB2 butyl tape is a molded, high-performance sealing tape based on polyisobutylene (PIB) with enhanced adhesive properties for more demanding applications requiring high bonding.


  • Solvent-free formula
  • Immediate sealing
  • Precise control over the amount of sealant used in the joint
  • Environmentally friendly
  • User-friendly
  • Good adhesive properties on both sides for most building materials
  • Good weather and UV resistance

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