DAFA roof decking vent

DAFA undertagsventil anvendes til at sikre ventilationen gennem undertagsduge og kan anvendes til alle diffusionsåbne -og tætte undertag samt faste undertage.

DAFA roof decking vent

DAFA roof decking vent

DAFA roof decking vents are used to ensure ventilation through the roofing membrane and can be used for all vapor permeable and impermeable roofing and solid roofing. They can be installed quickly and efficiently in the roofing, from the inside or outside. This is a big advantage, as it is often difficult to retrofit vent outlets from the outside.


DAFA roof decking vents are made of UV-resistant polypropylene/TPE.


  • Effectively ventilate the roof cavity, protecting against moisture and rot
  • Can be installed quickly and efficiently, from the inside or outside, thanks to a ‘snap-lock’ system
  • The rim seals tightly when you pull hard on the plastic strip
  • Can be installed in all materials
  • Variable dimensions, 0.2-25mm
  • Installation only requires one person
  • 56 cm² ventilation area
  • DAFA roof decking vents is included in the Nordic Ecolabellings database of construction products that can be used in Swan-labelled buildings.
DAFA roof decking vent
DAFA roof decking vent
DAFA roof decking vent

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