Eco-friendly construction products

Sustainable construction solutions that benefit the environment.


Eco-friendly construction products

DAFA Building solutions has a continually increasing focus on developing products that support sustainability. Our building products are airtight solutions that help sustainable construction and reduce energy consumption, to benefit the environment.

DAFA AirStop System - Vapor barriers and accessories

DAFA AirVent System - Roofing & accessories

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DAFA contributes to reaching the goal of reducing Denmark’s CO2 emissions by 70% by 2030.

DAFA supports climate goals through green growth.

Heat loss is a major pitfall, and we can improve within this area. In collaboration with the Government, the Danish Parliament and the population, the construction industry is ready to make its share of the green transition. Hence, together we will achieve the major CO2 reductions.

  • Danes spend nine out of ten hours in buildings.
  • 40% of Denmark’s energy consumption and 23% of CO2 emissions solely originate from energy consumption in buildings.
  • DAFA Building Solutions’ products ensure the latest requirements for building class 2020 as well as energy renovation of the existing buildings and improvement of the indoor climate.

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